Less is More

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The secret of succesful landscape photography is being at the right place at the right time. Light and weather conditions will always play a dominant role against equipment and techniques. The most successful landscape photographers spend a lot of time researching locations, and will visit a place over and over again, until that elusive perfect shot comes together.

I had been craving a visit to the mid west United States for many years, and Horse Shoe Bend was high on my list of "must see" locations. I did a small amount of research and I knew that sunrise would be a great time to see it. So I got up at dawn and I arrived at the viewpoint right when the first rays of sunlight gently touched the rim of the canyon. Of the many sculptures that the Colorado River carves along its path, Horse Shoe Bend is truly breathtaking, both for the view itself, as well as for the fact that in order to get a full view of the river bend, one needs to have enough confidence to stand on the very edge of the canyon rim!

I am not usually at ease with height, but I creeped to the edge of the canyon and sat with my feet hanging in the air! The view was perfect and the combination of colour fabulous. The blue sky, dotted with clouds, was reflected onto the river and contrasted perfectly with the red of the rocks, inflamed by the early morning sunlight. I took my shots and then put the camera aside. For a few minutes I just wanted to enojy this amazing sight.

They say that a good picture must tell a story, must have a punchline. Well, this is precisely what I am trying to achieve here with my latest web project. If you have visited my website before, you will find this new version much more compact, with much fewer words. I just wanted to bring the pictures to the fore, let them speak for me. I hope that a picture like the one displayed here is capable to tell a story, although the story may not be that original. I am probably one of thousands of people who have photographed their feet hanging in the air in front of Horse Shoe Bend! But the important thing is that this is my story, this is a symbol of my enthusiasm and delight for having been there and having seen it with my eyes and through my lenses, and my website is my instrument to share my stories with you all.

So here is my new website, I hope you'll enjoy it more than ever. Hopefully less is more!