Fame, at last!

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One of my images of International Harvester tractors made it to the cover of issue number 100 of Tractor magazine! And beyond that my brief feature article dedicated to one of the most successful models build in the rich history of the campany made the headlines as well! As I savour my brief moment of glory (!), this weekend I am also, finally, completing the revision of my photography website by posting the last photo gallery, which is dedicated to farming, with images showing modern machines as well as classic and vintage ones.

I am often asked why amongst the many subjects for my photography hobby tractors feature so highly! I suppose nobody can deny that a rusty old machine set in a hedge, with the proper light and the proper techniques can make for an excellent artistic picture. But there is a lot more to that, and for me an image does not just need to impress, it also needs to tell stories. And I see great stories in every classic tractor at work or on display, fully restored and in need of lots of attention. Tales of hard work and achievements, tales of social development and tales of human ingenuity.

I often see also great tales of painstaking, lengthy, detailed restoration work which bring back to life machines which laid dorment for decades, forgotten and abandoned to the elements. The image below, taken at this year's Newark Vintage Tractor Show, demonstrates what elements can do in 25 years to a 70s built John Deere 3130. But I hear that the owner who found this machine has already managed to make the engine function and eventually will bring this tractor back to its original glory.

Last, but certainly not least, big machines at work in fields, mines or construction sites have a great appeal in their own right, as the numerous publications in terms of books and magazines definitely demonstrate. So, I personally find that there are plenty of reasons to point my lenses to classic or modern tractors, and there is a lot more to come on this site, as well as, hopefully, on British press with my name on!