10000 and counting...

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I wonder how many people have the same irrational desire as I have to pay attention to trivial facts such as the odometer of my car turning to any particular number like 10000, 33333 or 99999... Some of us go as far as stopping for a little while to absorbe the full intensity of such moments... If we get distracted and for any reason we look at the instruments when the counter has just passed the memorable event we feel rather disappointed! Since turning my back to film photography and fully embracing the digital era I have put in place my own system for storing and backing up all my images. Each file is diligently numbered from the very first digital photo I ever took on April 15th 2006 up to now, and it will continue so long as I keep shooting. It was just a few days ago when editing the latest batch images that my digital photo number 10000 was finally saved on my computer drive!

10000 photos is probably peanuts for professional photographers, but I'd say that for an amateur who happens to conduct a rather busy life like myself is a decent number of shots. Nonetheless there was no champagne, no hugs and kisses of celebration (I was up on my own in the middle of the night editing photos...). Image number 10000 turned out to be a not so technically perfect shot of a DTM Mercedes racing car taken at the recent race at Brands Hatch. So much so that my 10000th photograph did not make it onto my latest gallery addition to this website...

It was still a time to reflect for a moment and once again appreciate how much digital photography has given to us. Normally my rate of saving is about 1 image in 3-4, therefore during the last 6 years I have actually taken around 40000 shots. If I had done this with film it would have been over 1200 rolls of 36 exposures each, and the total cost of film, development and print would have exceeded 20000 pounds! On top of that I would not be able to share images with the rest of the world so easily and I could not review each shot in details as I normally do to learn how to improve my photography skills. Last but not least the digital equipments still keep improving at a rate which is absolutely mind blowing. What we do not spend in films, development and printing we end up spending in newer bodies and more powerful computers to store and handle bigger files!

For this month my website sees a small addition with some of my favourite shots from the recent DTM race at Brands Hatch. 10000 pictures are in the bag, and plans are in place for the next 10000 and more! Watch this space!