The Streets of San Francisco

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There are some places where you do not really need to work very hard to get some good photos. America, with its great outdoors, is one of such places. We recently did a tour of California, starting from San Francisco, then over the Sierra Nevada, Yosemite, Sequoia National Forest, finally ending in LA. All the way we enjoyed the great open spaces, with endless views over mountains, deserts, lakes... One of my favourite places of all was Mono lake, which is located in the Easter Sierra Nevada. So much so that one of the pictures I took, now features prominently on the home page of this site. Its exposed tufa towers make for a surreal landscape, while the calm waters give the opportunity for including great reflections of the rocks and the clouds in your pictures. It does not matter what camera you have, how many pixels, what dynamic range and so forth... the place is so naturally beautiful that you just need to point and click, and you will bring home a little piece of that beauty.

I also found San Francisco particularly charming and full of character, with its steep streets, the cable cars... all looks exactly as I saw countless times in the many American fiction films and TV shows that were set on this location! Who has never seen or heard of Bullitt, the 1968 Steve McQueen thriller that featured one of the most famous car chase ever? Steve McQueen himself drove the Mustang that chased the bad guys in the Dodge Charger, who eventully crashed and burnt. I did a quick research on the locations of the chase, and then I did a little pilgrimage to one of the sites! There I was standing in Filbert street, looking down at the crossing with Mason street while the cable car was about to go past. Precisely the view that Steve McQueen would have had during the chase, as the images below demonstrate! I know it is not such a great photo to display, but to me this was something a little bit special! After all pictures are memories of the places we see, what we think and what we feel at the moment. I have quite a lot of images in my database, and when I look at each one of them it brings back the moment I took it!

The main addition for this website update is a new gallery in the "Destination" sections, with my favourite images from California. The home page has also been updated, there is an addition in the Events section showing some classic cars, and there are a few more new images dotted around the existing galleries for the keen visitors to explore!