FATHOM44 Photography offers superb quality black and white images to view and, if you're tempted, to buy. We feature three compilations from Italy's most beautiful regions - Lake Como, Venice and of course Tuscany.

Alongside these, we offer engineering marvels of 5,000 years ago from central England, contrasted with engineering marvels of today from central Texas.

About our photographs...
The original photographs are all high resolution colour shots taken by Canon cameras, which have then been individually converted to black and white. Conversion from colour to black and white is an art, not a science, as there are many options and approaches to strip out the colour. We favour an aggressive approach, leading to a tendency for high contrast and strong blacks, which really brings out features such as clouds, to the extent that they can dominate the scene, thus producing striking perspectives.

Purchase options...
Prints can be purchased in A4 format, priced £8.50 including UK post and packing. Other sizes and destinations are also catered for, with prices on request. For an extra charge we can frame the prints. Please use the "Contact Us" form to let us know your requirements, or if you have any queries.

All our prints are on true photographic (silver based) paper. We use Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Digital Photographic paper.